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Maintenance & Repair

We have had a large and experienced Automated Gate Maintenance & Automated Gate Repair department. All our gate engineers are knowledgeable about every aspect of gate automation and gate maintenance. Including Swing gates, Sliding gates, Raising bollards, Security barriers and Garage doors.  All our gate maintenance engineers are equipped with all the necessary tools to repair and maintain your gate.
We aim to repair to repair 90% of gate systems on the first callout, but occasionally we will need to order or make a special part. If your gate needs a special part it will normally be delivered the next working day.

Gate Makes & Models

We Repair and Support all makes & models of Electric Gate operators including but not limited to;

  • Aprimatic
  • Beninca
  • BFT
  • Came
  • Cardin
  • Chamberlin
  • DEA
  • FAAC
  • FAAC
  • Fadini
  • Gibidi
  • Liftmaster
  • Nice
  • Prastel
  • Proteco
  • SEA
  • SEAV
  • Telcoma
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